DigiReceptie Switch


DigiReceptie automatically opens the entrance, door or access gate

With the DigiReceptie Switch any type of system can be made for opening a door, gate or barrier automatically once the visitor has been recognised. The Switch can be used at any point in the process, such as outside to open a gate, sign in outside the building after which the front door opens or inside with an access lock.

Easy to install

  1. Connect the cables that are to be connected to the screw connectors
  2. Connect UTP (internet) and power (adapter is included)
  3. Trace the IP number of the Switch and fix it
  4. Log in to the Switch> Browser> IP address> login is: admin/admin
  5. Change the Switch password
  6. Test the switch by pressing the puls (you will hear a click)
  7. In the Portal go to> Settings> Door switch> switch on
  8. Enter the local IP address of the switch
  9. Press Test (you will hear a click), done!

Video access gate

DigiReceptie WebPortaal


1. power | 3. internet
4. wire connection to the device to be switched
5. Second switch device

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