An ordinary 'visit' becomes a 'customer journey' with pre-registration

Inviting visitors is often one of the first contact moments with your organisation.
For a professional first impression it is therefore important that there is a consistent plan in place: “How do we invite visitors?”.

You can pre-register with DigiReceptie in 3 ways:

Method 1: via the DigiReceptie WebPortaal

The appointment is entered via the DigiReceptie WebPortaal. This is just as fast as a diary, with the advantage that additional information can be added such as a mobile phone number, license plate, proof of ID. The visitor receives an email invite in your house style with a QR code for quick registration and deregistration, directions, parking instructions and Wi-Fi login. Many visitor questions are answered in advance, the customer journey has begun. This replaces the standard and impersonal calendar invitation. The calendar link allows you to see appointments made in DigiReceptie directly in every type of calendar.

Method 2: with your existing calendar software

To pre-register a visitor in DigiReceptie, you only have to put the unique address in the BCC field of the calendar invitation. This unique email address is listed on the ‘Registration page’ (bottom left) in the DigiReceptie Portal. With a new pre-registration, in addition to the calendar invitation from your existing software, an email invite from DigiReceptie can be sent with additional information. Please note: data that is not known in the calendar invitation such as first name, last name and company name can’t be presented within DigiReceptie.

Method 3: via an automated API link

Nothing changes in terms of how visitors are now invited and rooms are reserved. If DigiReceptie is linked to your calendar software such as Microsoft 365 via an API, appointments/data can be automatically synchronised. Linking is only possible with a DigiReceptie Enterprise license and is customised. View more info here

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Invitation via receptionist

In a structure where the receptionist sends out the invitations, the working method for the employees remains unchanged. Only the receptionist has access to the DigiReception WebPortal and can pre-register the visit on behalf of the employee. If a visit is not pre-booked, the visitor can enter his or her details and choose an employee during registration.

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