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DigiReceptie is a digital solution for visitor registration and takes unnecessary time-consuming reception tasks out of your hands.

“DigiReceptie already shows that your company is customer-oriented, efficient and innovative in the very first invitation. You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

DigiReceptie is a digital solution for visitor registration.
How you invite visitors can remain unchanged with the calendar software that is currently being used or via the DigiReceptie WebPortaal. The visitor receives an email invite in your house style, directions and parking instructions along with QR code. The visitor can easily log in and out of the visitor tablet by scanning the QR code. Tiresome paper registration quickly becomes the digital ‘check-in’. DigiReceptie immediately sends an email/push notification to the relevant employee when the visitor has registered.

DigiReceptie takes unnecessary time-consuming reception tasks out of your hands so that the receptionist pays 100% attention to your visitors. Customers are a valuable asset. You grant them a visitor experience that seamlessly matches the vision of your company. Digitising visitor registration is fun, efficient and safe. With DigiReceptie the first impression of your company is well organised. An ordinary ‘visit’ becomes a ‘customer journey’ that contributes to a professional image. The customer is always right.

It’s easy:

Make an appointment via the Web portal or your calendar.

DigiReceptie sends an invitation to the visitor by email.

The visitor enters their QR code or name input.

The appointment owner will receive an email and push notification.

The visitor logs off again upon departure.

Options when registering

All screens can be switched on and off according to your wishes.



Log in
with QR

Terms and conditions


Take a picture


Work order scanner


Logout complete



Up-to-date overview in the event of an emergency. Safety and control are paramount. Via the DigiReceptie portal and the Smartphone App you always have up-to-date online insight into the list of visitors, employees and in-house emergency responders.

In an emergency situation, in-house emergency responders receive a group message so they can respond accordingly, when it really matters.

Not only is it pleasant for the visitor, but as an business you immediately comply with the ARBO/ISO/AVG/GDPR privacy laws.

Immediate notifications. Don’t make your visitor wait unnecessarily? DigiReceptie immediately sends you a message when your visitor has registered. Receive messages using the method you prefer: on your smartphone as a push message, SMS or just as an email. 

Smartphone App

The Smartphone App is available for free for all employees.

  • Pre-register visitors
  • View visitor lists
  • QR code for emergency response and time registration
  • Invite and course overview
  • Emergency list of visitors and employees
  • Group message to emergency response teams in an emergency
  • Registration and deregistration of visitors and students

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