Give your visitor a personal badge

DigiReceptie can print a visitor badge during the registration process. This can be provided with company name, first and last name, photo and QR code. The visitor is clearly recognisable as a 'registered guest', the QR code can be used to open a door and the pass can be used for a subsequent visit, scan the QR code and you're done! The design and layout can be made completely according to your preferences, for example with advertising or an evacuation plan.

Checking proof of identity

This scanner makes it possible to check identification, such as passports and driver's licenses of your customers, visitors or employees, for authenticity. Many organisations want to be able to establish the identity of, for example, a customer or associate in order to protect themselves to a certain extent against damage caused by fraud or other forms of criminal activity. Everything starts with a physical - authentic - document. To be sure of this, it's necessary to check the document security features. With DigiReceptie IDscan you add processing and verification of identity documents to your business process.

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