DigiReceptie Course registration
Accurate, professional and saves you a lot of time

Do you often receive students? DigiReceptie is very easy to expand with the course registration module that takes a lot of work off your hands. It replaces the paper attendance list and ensures accurate digital time registration, without any errors. At the push of a button, DigiReceptie sends an email invite in your house style with a QR code to all students. You can register and unsubscribe quickly and easily with QR code at the DigiReceptie Tablet on location. After deregistration, DigiReceptie can automatically email a certificate of participation to the student. All course data can be synchronised with business software. The DigiReceptie Smartphone App gives you real-time insight into your students’ results and an emergency response list is available for emergencies.

“At Alfa we think it is important to be constantly working on the development of knowledge and skills. The Alfa Academy has a wide range of training courses so employees can develop further and achieve their permanent education (PE) points. Until recently, the PE points were registered using participant lists that were signed by the participants at the start and departure. This took a lot of time for various people and generated a lot of paperwork. Since Alfa pursues sustainable objectives and wants to digitise its processes, we opted for DigiReceptie Course Registration.”

“At the start and at the end, the student scans the personal pass with QR code using 1 of the 5 DigiReceptie registration Tablets. These times are fully automatically processed in the personnel files in our Afas course registration system. Based on this attendance registration, an analysis also calculates exactly how many PE points have been awarded. The PE certificate is sent to the student immediately by email following deregistration. The saves enormous amounts of time, give a more professional appearance and complete accuracy.”
Erik van der Linden, Alfa Accountants en Adviseurs

Why DigiReceptie Course registration?

  • takes a lot of work off your hands, replaces the paper attendance list
  • accurate digital time registration, without human errors
  • invitation mail with QR code to students with 1 push of a button
  • Students register quickly and easily with QR code
  • data is directly available in your business software via a link
  • DigiReception can automatically send a certificate by e-mail
  • real-time insight into the DigiReception web portal and smartphone App
  • Emergency response list always up to date in the event of an emergency
  • professional image of your company

Example procedure

  1. Students are entered via Excel import or API link
  2. DigiReception sends an invitation e-mail to the student
  3. The student scans his QR code upon arrival and upon departure
  4. The participation certificate is mailed to the student and saved

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