Link DigiReceptie with your business software

Data always in sync

DigiReceptie can easily communicate with your business software so that data is fully synchronised and processes are fully automated.

The DigiReceptie API enables:
– employees to be synchronised
– appointments to be imported from any type of calendar/server
– data export to and from every CRM/database
– transfer documents
– opening doors and gates using the Switch
– easy login with a Single sign-on server
– xisting access control and license plate recognition integration

Let software work for you and save time and money.

  1. permanent contact person to discuss the details of the system
  2. function requirements, what should the system do?
  3. does the other system function as a data source or does it need data to be synchronised?
  4. documentation about the system to which a connection needs to be made
  5. linking method (REST API, SOAP or other)
  6. endpoints (URL) for API
  7. authentication data (required login data, token etc.)
  8. test environment with test data

– no open API available, we will realise the link
– connections always differ, you will receive a quote following assessment
– connection is only possible with the Enterprise license
– takes an average of 3 weeks to complete after receiving the payment

Send an email (complete as possible) with the preferences for your connection to
We will contact you as soon as possible.

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