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With DigiReceptie visitor registration is
safe, professional and fun.

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Digital visitor data

Easy to use

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“DigiReceptie already shows that your company is customer-oriented, efficient and innovative in the very first invitation. You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Fully tailored to your corporate identity


Delivered ready-made for every company, every industry

With 45 functions DigiReceptie
can be used in any type of company

DigiReceptie management Portal (webpage)

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    Easy pre-registration visit (also via existing calendar)
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    Professional email invite for your visit
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    Dashboard with expected visitors, employees and emergency response team members
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    Online visitor list with export function
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    Emergency button with evacuation list (WebPortaal and Smartphone)
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    Comply with all ARBO/ISO/AVG/GDPR privacy rules

DigiReceptie Sign-Up Tablet

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    Visitors can quickly log in and out with QR code
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    Appointment owner receives notification by email, push or SMS
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    Explanation button, visitor information about AVG/GDPR
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    Visitor conditions per visitor type
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    Shortcut for post delivery and passers-by
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    Fully tailored to corporate identity


Never again with DigiReceptie…

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    printing/preparing visitor’s sheets
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    searching for a new pen
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    checking if everything has been filled in correctly
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    calling the employee to inform visitor has arrived
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    hand out visitor’s pass
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    opening the front door or entrance
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    keeping track of how many people/emergency response team members are present
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    archive old paper records
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    full-time reception/cutting short lunch
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    handwritten lists in the event of an emergency


Basic package

€19,- per month

  • for 1 location
  • up to 25 employees
  • up to 1 registration tablet
  • unlimited registration
  • unlimited email/push notification
  • 2 languages nl/eng


Most chosen

€39,- per month

  • for 1 location
  • 250 employees
  • up to 3 registration tablets
  • unlimited registration
  • unlimited email/push notification
  • 7 languages, possible to add more
  • digiReceptie smartphone App
  • opening door/entrance
  • print option
  • post/parcel handling


For multiple locations

€69,- per month

  • everything incl. in Pro license +
  • for multiple locations
  • unlimited number of staff
  • up to 5 registration tablets
  • course registration (PE)
  • send certificate
  • API Link

DigiReceptie can be used in any industry

Your reception is the calling card for your company regardless of the industry.
This is where you create that unforgettable first impression. Here you can give an impression of the culture. Here image and identity come together… at least, if you consciously pay attention to the design of this central hub within your company.



Construction and real estate


Energy suppliers


Installation technology


Metal / production


Government institution


"Papieren bezoekersregistratie is ouderwets, verspillend en tijdrovend.
Met DigiReceptie is bezoekersregistratie sneller, slimmer, leuker en vooral veiliger."

  • We see DigiReceptie as a truly complete and easy tool to register (or have registered) our visitors as well as our employees. With DigiReceptie you can easily pre-register your visit. ‘Checking in’ is easy with a QR code, so it only takes 1 second of your time and we always have up-to-date insight into who is present in the building, which also comes in handy in the event of an emergency. And at a favourable monthly rate, compared to other parties.

    Deborah Ewaart
    Deborah Ewaart D-reizen / D-rt Groep
  • “Since 2016, we’ve been welcoming our visitors through DigiReceptie. Previously we used paper sheets on the counter, Now it’s a smart-looking iPad. From the first moment we received positive feedback from our visitors and employees. DigiReceptie is fully tailored to our wishes, both in terms of branding and the setup for safety rules and visitor conditions. With DigiReceptie, we now welcome our guests in a modern way and we always know who is in the building”.

    Maroushka Stokman
    Maroushka Stokman LeasePlan

Happy with DigiReceptie

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